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Personalized Bookkeeping

Classy Irene's Bookkeeping Service is an affordable way to keep track of your company's finances, keep paperwork (like receipts) organized, and stay on top of things like payroll and accounting. With a full suite of personalized bookkeeping at your fingertips, I am confident I can match you with the level of service that will assist you in moving your business forward.

Call today at (541) 525-0149 for more information on how I can save you time and money.


Personalized Bookkeeping Services


With over 25 years of experience in auditing and accounting, I bring a wealth of knowledge and organizational skills to your business. My goal is to assist you in smoothly navigating through virtually any personalized bookkeeping services you may require.


My expertise includes:

Bank Account Reconciliation


These reports reconcile your business banking transactions. Depending on your needs, a monthly reconciliation can reduce your expenses by identifying any transactions that do not match your bank's records. In addition, this can help you uncover any accounting process discrepancies or potential fraud. Connect with me today to find out more about how bank account reconciliation can work for your business.

Simplified and Easy to Read Account Payable & Receivables


Keeping track of account payable and receivables can take up a lot of your time and best efforts when you could be devoting that energy to growing your business. Partnering with a bookkeeper will eliminate confusion, streamline the data entry process, and produce easy to interpret results. For example, you will know exactly how much money your business owes to suppliers and precisely how much revenue is owed to your company by clients.

Effective Expense Reimbursement


Keep track of expense reimbursement with ease when you select an industry leader like Classy Irene's Bookkeeping Service to take care of all your bookkeeping initiatives. If you do not have time to pour over employee-submitted receipts, allow me to shoulder the burden for you. I am a professional who will get the job done right the first time.

Audit and Reconciliation of Accounts and General Ledger


Prior to an audit, I always recommend going through your own audit and reconciliation of accounts and general ledger to ensure nothing is missing and there are no surprises when auditors arrive. Decrease your stress level and allow me to liaise with your auditing team on your behalf. My affordable rates and commitment to your complete satisfaction will make you glad you did.

Reliable Payroll Processing


Stay in complete compliance with state and federal law and ensure your employees are renumerated reliably with my professional payroll processing offerings. Ask about how I can add value to your company today. Call now for a no-obligation consultation.

Professional QuickBooks Clean-up


The ability to reconcile historical accounts and transactions will help your business stay in compliance during tax season. Are you working with a certified professional? Reach out today for more information.

Cost-Effective QuickBooks Set-up


Classy Irene's Bookkeeping Service is the area's best QuickBooks set up professional for a reason. I work closely with you to align your business with the personalized bookkeeping and accounting skills you can depend on to help your business succeed.

Book an appointment for a comprehensive consultation by phoning (541) 525-0149.

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